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'CRAZY Hail Storm VS New Car: Aussie Woman Sits Through A Powerful Thunderstorm In Her Car '


'On October 28, 2021, Christine Varelas found out that a mere 5-minute span can feel like an eternity when one is having a bad day. Gripping footage surfacing from Salisbury Plain, Australia shows Christine stuck in her brand new car as she waits for a powerful hail storm to stop while hoping that it doesn't fully demolish her vehicle. "So, it started hailing just after I arrived at work, forcing me to sit through it," the filmer said. "Unfortunately, there was no shelter to park under and I had to hear every bit of hail hitting my 8-week-old car." Christine revealed that her car's roof and bonnet were damaged in the storm. Name: Christine Varelas Location: Salisbury Plain, South Australia, Australia '

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