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'Super Amusing Compilation Of A 9-week-old Bulldog Puppy Learning How To Skate'

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'Entertaining timelapse footage captures an adorable pup's journey of learning how to skate. Even though it takes some time before the Bulldog starts showing interest in his new toy, he seems to enjoy it pretty well once he gets comfortable riding it. Not only that but he proves to be quite a quick learner as well. The way this doggo pushes the skateboard with his right paws is bound to keep you smiling all the way through. "Churro was 9 weeks old when we decided to get him a skateboard," the filmer, Enrique Colville told us. "This compilation includes all of his skating attempts from the moment he got the board to the one he finally got on it and went down our driveway." These clips were recorded at Enrique's house in Royal Oak. Name: Enrique Colville Location: Royal Oak, USA'

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