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'Texas Woman Reunites With Daughter & Granddaughter After Almost 2 Years Apart *Beautiful*'


'The soul-stirring moment a woman, along with her daughter, reunited with her mom after almost two years apart. The beautiful video shows Susan Little filming her little one, Loretta as she sneaks up to her grandma, getting an excited reaction out of her as a result. "My mother lives in Far West Texas which takes two plane rides and a 3-hour car ride to get to from our home in the NY Tri-State area," Susan shared. "I hadn’t been able to see my mom in almost two years because of COVID and she is very frail. "So, once I was able to visit, I thought of the perfect way to surprise her. I sent her a text that read, 'Happy Mother’s Day, I am busy at work but I will call you later.' What happens next is shown in the video." The filmer further added that her mom found the said surprise to be the best one of her life. Name: Susan Little Location: Alpine, Texas '

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