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'Cyclist Heroically Prevents Disaster After Stunt Goes Wrong During Post-game Celebration In Italy '

Fails Unbelievable Wins

'A post-game celebration almost went awfully wrong and the proof is in this clip. Filmed in Canazei, Italy, this video shows a cyclist going for an insane bike jump that would see him jumping over a person lying on the road. However, the stunt doesn't go according to the plan and the subject almost ends up squashing the volunteer. However, the cyclist manages to avert the said disaster at the last second. "I attended a mountain bike race in Italy and this video shows what happened after the race had finished," the filmer, Tom Wilson said. "There was this celebration going on and I saw one of the racers turn a stunt fail into an epic win." This footage was caught on camera on June 9, 2021. Name: Tom Wilson Location: Canazei, Italy'

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