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'13 Y/o Boy's Reunion With Military Dad After 7 Months Will Hit You In The Feels - 12.3 Million Views'


'It looked as if time had stopped when a 13-year-old boy met his father for the first time following the latter's return from a 7-month deployment. The video starts with Seirra Johnson asking her son, Hunter to say hi to his dad, Michael. At first, the boy thinks he would be hopping on a video call. However, to his surprise, he finds Michael standing in front of him. Hunter immediately drops the bag he is holding in his hands and rushes to hug his dad. "Deployments are hard and never get easier but homecomings are so amazing and precious!" Seirra stated. "Hunter missed his dad so much! "This deployment started right before COVID started, so it was really tough dealing with that on top of dad being gone." This touching scene took place on September 22, 2020. Name: Seirra Johnson Location: Fort Drum'

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