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'Headcam Footage Shows Two Snowmobiles Almost Crashing Into Each Other '

Accidents Fails

'Snowmobiling is an activity adored by many but that doesn't make it any less dangerous, and the proof is in this video. Shared by Landon Tolsma, this engaging clip includes the moment his snowmobile got rammed into by another one. "Close call today," the filmer said. "Was just snowmobiling and almost had a crash." The filmer waits for a few after the person ahead of him takes off, before kicking off his own snow-cruising adventure. However, the delay doesn't help much since the second rider takes a U-turn and almost collides with Landon. The aftermath of the aforementioned close call indicates that none of the riders were hurt in the incident. This was filmed on December 18, 2021. Name: Landon Tolsma Location: Pinos Creek, Colorado'

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