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''Back To The Garage' MTB Rider Loses Control Of Bike And Sends It Racing Downhill By Itself '


'Abramov Aleksandr's mountain biking adventure on June 5, 2021, ended in quite an impactful way. Footage emanating from Yakutsk, Russia shows Abramov jumping off his bike by mistake and losing control of it in the process. "I was participating in a hard enduro competition and we had just started the race," the rider said. "On the first slide, I accidentally jumped off my Honda XR 250. Moreover, the throttle stick jammed and the motorcycle left by itself. Fortunately, it didn't crash into the trees." Abramov further added that his bike had a bent steering wheel and for that, he had to take his ride "back to the garage." Name: Abramov Aleksandr Location: Yakutsk, Russia'

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