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'Parkour Girl CRASHES INTO The Wall While Doing Back Handsprings On Trampoline '

Fails Funny

'Sandra Urbanova's parkour routine on May 19, 2021, ended on a toe-tally unexpected note. Footage filmed by Tomas Kubinak features Sandra attempting consecutive back handsprings when she has a THUD-sounding collision with the wall. "While I was doing back handsprings on the trampoline, my shirt kept going up and I couldn´t see where I was going," Sandra told us. "Also, I was feeling so good that I was hoping there was more space on the trampoline. However, there wasn´t any more space, and I crashed into the wall, an unpadded one, if you will." The subject further added that even though this botch didn't injure her, she felt quite a lot of pain in her toes. Name: Tomas Kubinak Location: Bratislava, Slovakia'

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