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'French Athlete Makes Ball Go Through 2 Hoops In OUTSTANDING Trick Shot Attempt'


'In a video that is guaranteed to make jaws drop to the floor across the globe, a self-proclaimed "Trickshot Master" can be seen nailing a snazzy basketball trick shot. The subject, Breizh B starts off by tossing the ball through the hoop, which looks cool but is something almost everyone with basic sports skills can do. However, it turns out that the trick isn't over just yet! Before the ball hits the ground, Breizh ends up kicking it with such power and accuracy that it goes through the hoop attached to a backboard on the opposite end of the court. "It was a crazy trick shot, no doubt about that," the subject said. This impressive clip was recorded on October 24, 2021. Name: Breizh B Location: Locqueltas, France'

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