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'Birthday Cake Fail | Aunt Lets Go Of Nephew's Birthday Cake In Excitement'

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'Now, that is surely an interesting way to welcome the last year of your twenties. Filmed by Mariadeliz Ralat, this video features the filmer getting ready to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday with the latter's family. However, before the celebrations could get going, the aunt drops the cake. Mariadeliz wrote: "It was my boyfriend, Ramon’s 29th birthday and we visited his family. His family wanted to surprise him by singing the birthday song." She added: "His aunt was holding the cake while waiting for him to come in. When he did, she turned around, and 'SPLAT' went the cake! It was extremely funny for all of us." This hilarious Birthday Cake fail was filmed on August 10, 2021. Name: Mariadeliz Ralat Location: Marietta, Pennsylvania, USA'

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