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'Polish BMX Rider Crashes Face-First Into A Barrier '

Fails Funny

'This is the moment a BMX rider realized how risky bike stunts can turn out to be. Recorded in Minsk, Poland, this clip features Dzmitry Klimenok recording his cyclist friend as the latter attempts to hit a jaw-dropping jump over the railing and spin the front wheel of the bike while in the air. Upon landing on the ground, the biker loses balance and crashes face-first into a barrier. The filmer wrote: "Booo! I got my friend's BMX crash on the camera. Jokes aside, he is an athletic guy and can do some amazing things while riding a bike. It just wasn't his lucky day, I guess?" This footage was filmed on February 2, 2021. Name: Dzmitry Klimenok Location: Minsk, Poland'

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