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'Man Attempts To Extract Hook From A Living Shark's Mouth '

Animals and Pets

When you're looking for smaller items, big things appear out of nowhere. In this strange beachside video, Joshua Ouellette, who had accidentally caught a big shark while trout fishing, is seen attempting to use a tool to get the hook out of the shark's mouth. The shark, somewhat alive, tries to attack the subject as he takes the tool to its mouth, but he eventually succeeds in getting the hook out. He can be seen releasing the shark at the end of the video. “I was speckled trout fishing and this bull shark got tangled in my line!” Joshua Ouellette stated. “The shark had a hook in its mouth with a lot of fishing line stuck to it. “My hook got stuck in that line and I was able to get the shark to shore and release it.” This moment was captured on camera on March 27, 2022. Name: Joshua Ouellette Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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