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'Hungry 1 Y/o Baby Gets Excited As Mom 'drops 'em Out' '

Cute Funny

One can tell that the kid featured in this video is going to be a big-time foodie when he grows up. This comical clip shows Alexandra Hamblin attempting the viral "Drop 'Em Out" challenge by "flashing" her breastfed baby boy to see his reaction. "Our son is adjusting after his mother had to go back to work," the filmer, Bo Hamblin shared. "I told her (Alexandra) to lift up her shirt to see our son's reaction and this is what we got. He's only 1 year old." The way the toddler walks in excitement toward his mom, fully knowing that it's "feeding time," makes for a visual that can make anyone laugh for days! This endearing footage was taken on June 11, 2022. Name: Bo Hamblin Location: Peterborough, Canada

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