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'Toddler Loses Balance On Rocking Horse And Crashes Into The Wall'

Cute Fails

'This toddler must surely be contemplating his desire to become a cowboy after the events of this funny clip. Recorded by Taylor Butler in Oklahoma City, OK, this clip features the filmer's son riding a rocking horse. However, losing focus causes his ride to come to a screeching halt. Taylor wrote: "I caught my oldest son being a cowboy on his rocking horse at 3 in the morning. Thought it was a cute moment but as he was checking out the horse's tail - seems he rocked the wrong way and face planted into the wall." She added: " Kids are very resilient and he was not injured in the making of this video, ha!" This funny footage was filmed on May 15, 2017. Name: Taylor Butler Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USA'

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