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'Mongolian Contortionist Demonstrates Her Unrivaled Foot Archery Skills'


'Jaw-dropping clips of a Mongolian contortionist flexing her tremendous foot archery skills. "During the pandemic, I have improved my foot archery skills while balancing on one arm," the artist in the video, Bayara Tserendorj stated. "I started foot archery in 2018 at Mongolian Contortion Center." First, Bayara balances on one arm and shoots an arrow with her feet. In the next clip, she takes things up a notch by performing the same trick but after wearing a blindfold and placing a cup on her head. She added: "When it comes to contortion, I began training at the age of four. I have been performing since the age of seven. Cup balancing involves the traditional aspect of Mongolian contortion, combined with the more modern approach of foot archery. It requires much dedication, patience, and hard work." Name: Bayara Tserendorj Location: San Francisco, United States of America'

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