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'Curious Kids Watch Their Dad Rescuing And Then Performing CPR On A Squirrel'

Animals and Pets

What better way to spend a day than by rescuing an animal in peril? Filmed by Danielle Jones, this captivating footage shows her partner, Dylan treating a squirrel after it had fallen into their pool. The subject's kids keep a close eye on the action as he uses a towel to dry up the rodent before attempting CPR on him. Dylan then locks up the squirrel in a cage, takes him to a trail packed with trees, and releases him. "So, it was an entertaining morning before daycare for the kiddos," Danielle said. "Papa performed CPR on a squirrel that fell in the pool. Luckily, he made a full recovery!" This was filmed on May 3, 2022. Name: Danielle Jones Location: Quispamsis, Canada

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