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'UK Man Recreates His Blockbuster 'Creepy Mustache' Video '

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'If there's one thing that cannot be denied, it's that TikTok has provided countless creative individuals a platform to showcase their talents and this video proves the same. In this funny clip, Jordan Francis reattempts the "creepy mustache" skit that got praised by the TikTok community all across the globe. Jordan told us: "So, I thought it was time to bring this trend back. When I did it the first time, people loved it, so I redid it as my TikTok account is about making people laugh and smile." He added: "All of us know that COVID has caused a lot of stress. So, I consider TikTok to be an escape that can make someone’s day a bit better and that’s what I have set out to do." Name: Jordan Francis Location: Crawley, England '

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