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Cute Baby And Dog Cuddle And Play Together BFF


"This video was taken in the living room at my home. What makes it so special is the unique bond between my baby boy, AJ and my 1-year-old golden retriever, Tebow. AJ is 4 months old in this clip. (He’s now approaching 5 months). Tebow took to Aj since day 1 and has been so sweet and gentle with him. The second AJ was able to start smiling and laughing (about 2 months of age) he instantly smiles or laughs when he sees Tebow. Tebow will lay on him and just when I think it may be too rough, AJ laughs! And sometimes the more rambunctious Tebow is, the more AJ cracks up at him. In this particular video, I had been on the living room floor with AJ trying to see if he would roll over. Tebow was lounging on the couch. I had gotten up to run into the kitchen to grab something, and when I came back I found that Tebow had seen this as his opening to snuggle up and lounge with his little buddy, and AJ Was just laying there petting him. I quickly grabbed my phone to capture it and approached them slowly to see Tebow laying his head on him, and Aj petting him. When I asked if that was his puppy and Tebow started to move his head around you can see AJ giggle. I think these two are a true duo for people to want to follow so I can’t wait to start a YouTube channel for them to put more clips I have of them, and for people to follow what they do next! They certainly bring lots of smiles to people’s faces from what I’m told."

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