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Cute Husky Annoys An Innocent Cat


"Since so many of you have been asking me about Kodi and Toulouse’s ‘special’ relationship, here is a video capturing a different, perhaps more accurate, side to their relationship. While I do find them cuddling and being sweet, this rowdiness is more of the norm. That’s not to say their relationship isn’t special. Toulouse will often lie on the floor, where he knows Kodi will bother him, instead of on a chair or his bed. Kodi will growl at Toulouse if he tries to eat his food (yes.. Toulouse loves dog food) and occasionally when Kodi finds Toulouse with a mouse in his mouth, Toulouse will growl at Kodi like a wild animal. They have their own language and understand one another. While it’s obvious Kodi enjoys Toulouse’s company, I think Toulouse enjoys Kodi’s just as much. Perhaps the biggest testament to this is that Toulouse has his own cat door and can come and go as he pleases, yet he chooses to be inside with us the majority of the time and will follow us on walks outside. It may not be all snuggles and kisses, but they are definitely a special duo."

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