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''Dada, Stop!' Epic Trampoline Fail Shows Man Crashing Through The Mat'


'The last thing Jase Chilcoat expected to happen on a fine Friday afternoon was seeing himself crash through a trampoline. But what's life if not a box full of surprises? This dramatically funny video, filmed by Kelsey Chilcoat, features her husband jumping on a trampoline without a care in the world when all of a sudden, it breaks. "We were gifted the trampoline by our neighbors," Kelsey wrote. "Jase was jumping on it for the first time while Charley and I were filming him. She [Charley] said, 'Dada, stop!' and he replied, 'You stop,' and then landed on his knees and went straight through the trampoline mat to the ground!" The filmer further stated that Jase was fine and just got some minor scrapes. This clip was shot on May 22, 2020. Name: Kelsey Chilcoat Location: Oklahoma City, United States'

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