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'Adorable Border Collie Showers Owner With Love & Kisses As He Returns Home From Fishing Trip '


'If you need proof that absence makes the heart grow fonder, then this amusing video is the one for you. Filmed by Joanne Henstridge, this clip shows an overexcited pup reuniting with his human dad, Glenn Freeborn as he returns from a fishing trip. Glenn tries to calm his pet down as the latter remains heck bent on showering his owner with all the love he had been storing for him while he was gone. "My partner Glenn went away fishing for a few days and when he returned, our 7-year-old Border Collie Jackson's response was so adorable," Joanne commented. "He loves his daddy." This cute scene took place on November 7, 2021. Name: Joanne Henstridge Location: Henley Beach South, Australia'

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