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'UK Artist Paints STUNNING Wall Mural For Aston Villa Goalie *TIMELAPSE*'

Timelapse Unbelievable

'An out-of-this-world compilation video has surfaced from the UK, which shows a gifted artist flawlessly painting a mural on a wall. The artist featured here is Danielle Morrison, who is climbing the ranks of social media by showcasing her undeniable creativity and stunning artworks. The painting Danielle is working on in this clip is that of the iconic lion that appears on the badge of Aston Villa Football Club. "I am a UK-based muralist and artist," the subject shared. "This is a timelapse of a bespoke lion I painted for the Aston Villa goalie, Emi Martinez." This incredible footage was caught on camera on August 25, 2021. Name: Danielle Morrison Location: UK'

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