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'Professor Of Magic - Levitating Soul - Grand Finale Magic Act'


''In a soothing clip that is guaranteed to relax your mind, "professor of magic" Miles Pitwell levitates a ball of light. The magician refers to this trick as "soul levitation" and does a stellar job at performing it. Miles wrote: "This trick was invented in 2021 by Lee Myung Joon, a magician from South Korea. It is a very rare and unique effect. That's why I decided to put it as the grand finale for my magic-competition-theatre-act." He added: "During corona, I actively uploaded videos on my YouTube channel. Eventually, I came up with the idea to perform this nice trick, as the finale into my act. I came up with my own handling and method to make the effect more original. My vision was to create a finale that touched the hearts of my audience." Miles filmed this video in his home studio in Leipzig, Germany. Name: Miles Pitwell Location: Leipzig, Germany ' "Peace In Heaven by MusicLFiles Link: License:"'

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