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'Snow Drifting Fails | Motorcycles Tip-Over On Icy Paths'


'One of the main reasons why drivers and riders look forward to winters is so they could hit the snow and drift around. However, snow drifting attempts often go wrong very quickly. Doubt us? Then, check out this video. In this clip, Juris Zimelis films two crashes that took place in the snow. Referring to the first one, Juris commented: "Our first winter drift on motorcycles with sidecars. The red one is Jawa 634 and the black one that tipped over is Dnepr mt10. Both are top bikes manufactured in the Soviet Union." As for the second incident, the filmer had the following to say: "I was filming a GoPro 9 review for my YouTube channel. The path was quite slippery and I was on a K650. On one icy corner, I lost control of the bike, and upside down I went!" Name: Juris Zimelis Location: Preiļi, Latvija'

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