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'Devoted Rescue Dog Eagerly Waits For Owner To Return From Work Every Day '


'This is the soul-stirring video of a dog that sits outside her home and waits for her owner to return from work every single day. The beautiful footage taken over a span of a few days showcases Sadie the pup's exemplary love for her human dad. On seeing her owner's car pull into the driveway, Sadie gets all excited and proceeds to run to her mom and tell her that daddy's back home! "My husband rescued this dog (Sadie) that was abandoned at a coal mine," the filmer, Sara Fitzwater wrote. "Now, she waits for him every day to come home from work." This feel-good video was recorded in Summersville, WV. Name: Sara Fitzwater Location: Summersville, WV. USA Sweet Background Piano by MusicLFiles Link: License:'

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