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''Electric Unicycle FAIL!' Man Fails To Avoid A Collision With A Crossing Van'

Accidents Fails

'Unicycling is all fun and games until you are faced with a crossing car with no idea how to avoid a collision. Caught on Donát Hajdu's helmet cam, this eyebrow-raising video shows him striking a van at an intersection. "I was cruising on my Gotway MSuper X Electric Unicycle when this car suddenly crossed my path and I had to decide in a second where should I go, in front of or behind it," Donát said. "I was wearing full protectors, so luckily, I didn't get hurt at all." The filmer further stated that the man in the van apologized to him, and that the two ended up becoming good friends. "I promised I would send the video to him and I did," Donát shared. Guess it's true that all's well that ends well. Name: Donát Hajdu Location: Szeged, Hungary'

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