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'Tourist's Close Call With Horny Bull Elk In Cataloochee Valley'


'Encountering a bull elk, let alone a herd of elks, on the road during the rutting season can be quite an ugly experience but luckily for Rene Emery, that wasn't the case. "We were visiting Cataloochee Valley to watch the elk and take a few pictures," Rene wrote. "Just as we were about to pull away in the car, a bull elk emerged and walked right past our car to follow a female elk and her baby." She added: "It's the rutting season, so bull elk can be a lot aggressive. We were worried he might charge the car, but we got lucky. He was only interested in the ladies." This captivating footage was recorded on October 1, 2021. Name: Rene Emery Location: Cataloochee Valley, United States'

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