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It was on a warm christmas morning in 2016 my cousin Pato had stayed over at my home and we woke up energenit. Pato and I have been training parkour for a couple of years on my backyard with a wooden vault box and a couple of mattresses. We were determined to train that day. We convinced my brother Gabriel to finally try parkour for his first time, he agreed. When we went down to train we taught him how to do a trick called "Front Handspring" on top of the vault box. The trick involves getting past the box using his hands with a flip. He was super nervous to try it but was able to land the trick on his first 2 attempts. When we decided to record him hs third try then the fail happened. He completely fell over his back and then his head. Gabriel lasted a lot of time on the ground and the whole house heard the noice, my father came running downstairs to us and got super angry with me for putting Gabriel to do advanced tricks without any training before. Fortunately Gabriel didn´t get injured, just suffered a big hit. After this he never tried parkour ever again.


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