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''And They All Fall Down!' Mom And Her Two Kids Experience HILARIOUS Snowboarding Fail '

Accidents Fails Funny

'Guess it's true that a family that falls together, stays together. This video features a comedic snowboarding blooper that results in not one, not two, but three people falling down. "I went snowboarding with my family at Big Bear Mountain in California," the filmer, Jackie G. commented. "So, my mom and siblings rode the ski lift together, while I was on the ski lift ahead of theirs. "When I got off, I pulled out my phone cause I just knew something hilarious was going to happen, as my family was approaching the drop-off. "My mom's form was off, so she slipped and threw herself to stop and my brother tried to stop her from falling but ended up falling himself. My sister held on to the chairlift trying not to run them over, and went down as well." Name: Jackie G. Location: Big Bear, CA, United States'

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