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'Daredevil Cyclist's INSANE Freeride Down Farwell Canyon Is PEAK ADRENALINE '

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'If you ever see someone getting chills just looking at their phone, there's a very high chance they could be watching this INSANE video. This adrenaline-pumping footage offers a first-person view of Shane Wilson's breathtaking ride down a scenic canyon. Every single moment of Shane's risky, fast-paced adventure is bound to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. A wild drop-in, a smooth-but-wacky descent, and a view to relish... this clip is action-packed beyond description, and even that is understating it! "Took this during a visit to Farwell Canyon," the filmer revealed. "You call it biking? It feels more like skiing." This freeriding frenzy was filmed on September 15, 2021. Name: Shane Wilson Location: Williams Lake, BC'

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