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'British Dad Learns The Lesson Of Never Celebrating Too Soon *HILARIOUS River Fail*'

Fails Funny

'What's that saying about never celebrating too early? Because it appears that Graham Nixon isn't aware of it. This video, filmed in Alston, England, shows Graham trying to cross a river by jumping on rocks. Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly at first and the subject successfully makes it to the other end of the stream. At that point, he starts feeling a little too proud of himself, which could only mean one thing... IMPENDING DISASTER! On his way back, Graham slips on a rock and goes face-first into the water, getting a contagious giggle out of the filmer as a result. "My daughter and I were taking my two dogs down the river," the subject said. "She said I couldn't get to the other side of the river without getting wet. So, I did it and was very happy with myself. No sooner had I celebrated than I found myself face-planting on the river bed!" Name: GRAHAM NIXON Location: Alston, England'

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