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'Car Detailer COMPLETELY TRANSFORMS The Filthy Interior Of A Car *THERAPEUTIC*'


'Therapy is expensive and so is time, so how about you take out three minutes of your time and watch this immensely freshening video? This footage features Gabe Tyler giving an overly messy car interior a complete makeover. "Watch me as I detail the interior of this nasty car and restore it to a factory finish," Gabe commented. The filmer uses tools such as a car vacuum cleaner, drill brush, steam cleaner, etc. to make sure that every dust particle, each crumb of food, and anything else contributing to the filth gets taken care of. The end result can easily be mistaken for an untouched interior, which speaks volumes about the quality of Gabe's work. This incredible montage was filmed on July 5, 2021. Name: Gabe Tyler Location: Oroville, United States '

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