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'Best Friend Pranks Groom During First Look By Dressing Up As The Bride '

Cute Funny Pranks

'The last thing this groom expected was to be at the receiving end of a prank on his wedding day, but that's exactly what ended up happening. Chucklesome footage emanating from Moscow, Russia, shows the said groom, named Sasha, waiting on his bride at their first look. But when he turns around, he spots his childhood friend (Arthur) in the wedding dress. This unexpected moment is followed by a wave of laughter. "Sasha and Arthur are two old best friends, so I decided to arrange this little surprise for them at the first look," the bride (and the filmer of this video), Alina L. said. This amusing scene took place on December 21, 2021. Name: Alina L. Location: Moscow, Russia'

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