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54-year-old Pro At Flipping Into The Water Fails To Flip Over Rubber Mat In Playground

Fails Funny

This footage is a compilation of four fails where 52-year-old Thomas Fuchs, a pro at flipping into the water, attempts to flip over a large rubber mat in a kids' playground. In the first two clips, he was too close to achieving success. However, in the third one, he didn't do so well, and in the last one, it appears that he has lost hope and decides to roll over himself on the mat in reverse instead of putting more effort. "I'm 54, and I taught myself to flip into the water," said Thomas. "But that day, I decided to try flips on a playground over a rubber mat which was a different thing! "I couldn't mentally commit to a full tuck and rotation, which resulted in some funny fails. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun!" Name: Thomas Fuchs Location: Leipzig, Germany

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