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'Santander Guy Shows Off His HUMONGOUS Maine Coon Cat '


'Even though it doesn't need to be said that we are living in strange times, this clip of a "giant flying cat" just confirms it further. Here, viewers can see a guy holding his humongous Maine Coon kitty in his hands. As the man proceeds to "straighten out" the kitty, his hands get partially hidden in its hair, which gives off the illusion that the latter is suspended in the air. "Have you ever seen a flying cat?" the filmer said in jest. "It just doesn't stop growing!" This video's comment section is filled with people gushing over the size of the feline. The filmer further stated that the kitty's size and weight are nothing to worry about. This footage was caught on camera in Santander on April 21, 2022. Name: Gabriela Rivera Location: Santander'

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