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Foggy Seattle From Above In 4k


The video was shot on October 27, 2018 in Seattle, WA. The video owner had been waiting for a foggy day in Seattle to get this specific shot. There was only patchy fog in the early morning but he felt that the conditions might change, so he kept an eye on some webcams in the area. After eating breakfast he noticed the fog was beginning to roll in over the city so quickly grabbed his gear and drove the 15 minutes to Kerry Park in Seattle. By the time he got there, the city was completely socked in. He put the drone up above the fog and all the buildings were covered. He waited about 20 minutes and put the drone up again, but only the tallest building, the Columbia Tower was just sticking its top above the clouds. After another half hour, the space needle and a few other buildings were showing so he was able to capture this video. As he was finishing up, the fog came back in thicker than ever and covered everything for several hours.

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