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'This Guy Has A Funny Habit Of Unknowingly Following People He's Chatting With '

Funny Timelapse

'Isn't it surprising that people have habits they know nothing about until their attention is brought to them by someone else? Well, this comical timelapse footage is about something similar! This sped-up video shows Diana Rothfels having a chat with her younger brother, John Nelson. The purpose of recording this, as stated by Diana, was to show her sibling a funny thing he unknowingly does. "My older sister noticed I have a funny habit of following very closely when I talk to her, so she recorded me talking to her in the kitchen and the results were... shocking, hahaha," John shared. "I had no clue I do this to a lot of people when we talk." This humorous scene was filmed on May 2, 2022. Name: John Nelson Location: Salt Lake City, Utah '

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