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''From Heartbreak To Hope!' Survivors Of Toxic Marriages Give Love A Second Chance '

Emotional Funny

'If this heartwarming video tells us anything, it's that you should never feel bad about living your life the way you see fit. The footage features the delightful moment April Havens got engaged to her partner/best friend/support system during critical times. "Tony and I have known each other for years," April shared. "At one point, we were married to toxic partners. When we found ourselves both single, and struggling with our divorces, our great friendship blossomed into an amazing partnership, built on love and trust. "So, I had been planning a surprise party for his 40th birthday. However, unbeknownst to me, he had already partnered with my best friend to plan a proposal for his 40th." Even though April was left speechless by the surprise proposal, she still managed to accept it: "I said 'yes' through my tears." The filmer also told us that she will never forget the evening in question. Name: April Havens Location: New Castle, Indiana, USA'

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