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'Frosty The Inflatable Snowman Takes Flight On A Windy Day & Gives Its Owner A Run For Her Money '


'Amusing footage of a giant inflatable snowman getting blown away by wind and its chucklesome aftermath. Shared by Jeremy Maher, this humorous video shows some highlights from an adventure-filled day in the life of the filmer's family. "It was a really windy day," Jeremy said. "I was out shopping and when I returned, I found my wife wrestling our 12ft blow-up snowman in the driveway. Turns out that it had taken flight and she had to chase it to 4 houses down. "After checking out the ring footage, we thought the whole sequence made for a hilarious video." These clips were recorded in Buford, GA on December 11, 2021. Name: Jeremy Maher Location: Buford, GA '

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