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Cute Cat Enjoys Licking His Owner's Ear While Relaxing In Bed

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This clip shows an attractive cat licking Bella Sharpe's ear while relaxing in bed with her. It seems like her ears taste good to him. This cute kitten has a heartwarming back story. Bella got him from her workplace, a vet clinic. Here is an account in her own words: "I work at a vet clinic from where I brought home a stray ragdoll kitten," said Bella. "My mum fell in love with him. "But the next day, I got a call saying the owners had been found. So I went on Gumtree the next day and drove 2 hours to get him up the coast. "His mum was taken away at four weeks old due to her being sick. "He’s been doing this ever since the night we got him." Name: Bella Sharpe Location: Tweed Heads, Australia

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