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'Wrecked 65 Pontiac GTO Subjected To A Satisfying Pressure-washing Session '

Satisfying Tech

Anyone who says that all types of changes take time probably hasn't watched a car getting power-washed. In this oddly-relaxing video, Trevor Malloy tries giving a dirty, totaled car at least some of its vintage look back. He does so by subjecting it to a high-pressure washing session. Even though the ride's condition is as poor as poor could get, still, seeing the dirt come off of it makes for a plausible viewing experience. "Watch me pressure washing a 65 Pontiac GTO after a chemical dipping process to remove paint," Trevor said. "Not gonna lie, it got a little chaotic." This footage was caught on camera on May 31, 2022. Name: Trevor Malloy Location: Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania

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