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'Basketball-loving Dad & Son Redefine The Meaning Of A Head Shot '

Fails Funny

'One of those clips that will make you feel bad for laughing. Shared by Courtney Broyles, this video shows Toby Broyles and his son (having cerebral palsy) going for a cool basketball shot that backfires big time. Toby keeps pushing the boy's wheelchair as they approach the hoop. When they do, he shoots the ball... and it just bounces off the backboard, smacking the kid in the head in the process. "We were playing basketball with my disabled son when the ball hit him in the head after dad made the shot," Courtney shared. "He whimpered just a little and then was ready to play some more." This whoopsy video was recorded in Colorado Springs on March 29, 2022. Name: Courtney Broyles Location: Colorado Springs'

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