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'Passenger Streams Action-packed Police Chase, A Head-on Car Collision & The Aftermath '


'An insanely gripping clip has surfaced from Leicester, England, which shows a chaotic car crash and its disturbing aftermath. This intense footage was filmed on Jay Tropez's phone. The almost hour-long video features the subject running into a head-on car collision and then getting treated by medical experts before being taken into custody for being a suspect in the incident. "Whilst live-streaming on Facebook in my friend's soft-top convertible, we got into an action-packed police chase!" Jay wrote. "It came to a screeching halt once we ran into a head-on crash. Nobody was seriously harmed except for the cars." The accident had such an impact on Jay that he couldn't even tell the lady treating him if he got out of the car by himself or had to be dragged out. This destructive accident took place on April 17, 2019. Name: Jay Tropez Location: Leicester, England'

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