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'Ladies, Get Yourself A Man As Supportive As This One! '


'There's nothing more adorable than true love and this clip further confirms that. Shared by Avery Williams, this short-and-sweet footage beautifully encapsulates how supportive the filmer's partner has been of her over the years. "My fiancé and I started dating when we were 15 and in high school," Avery said. "He was my biggest supporter in basketball, and made a shirt that said, 'that’s my girlfriend.' "He planned a very elaborate proposal and flew me to Boise, Idaho for it. After he had proposed, he displayed his new 'that’s my fiancée' shirt to me." The filmer further revealed that her husband-to-be has started working on a "that’s my wife" shirt to wear under his wedding tux. Name: Avery Williams Location: Boise, Idaho/Rockford, Illinois'

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