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'Incredibly Pretty 'Neon Blue' Tarantula Spider Caught On Camera Crawling'


'This video showcases a pretty blue-colored spider marching across a room. Filmed in Wheeling, WV, this short but captivating compilation of clips features a Neon Blue Tarantula crawling on a carpet using two pairs of legs at a time. "I make videos about tarantulas, scorpions, and other invertebrates," the filmer, Richard Stewart said. "I keep over 100 different species of tarantulas, as well as many different species of scorpions, isopods, snakes, geckos, and other arachnids and invertebrates. "As for this video, I was actually working on a project revolving around the prettiest Spiderlings/Baby Spiders, and this particular one made the list!" This footage was recorded on July 23, 2021. Name: Richard Stewart Location: Wheeling, WV'

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