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'Czech Republic: Huge Bike Crash Caught On Helmet Cam'

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'Intense footage of a colossal bike crash was caught on the filmer's helmet cam on May 5, 2021. In this video, Tomas Zejda, and Jakub Hejl try performing some bike stunts in Plzen, Czech Republic. Jakub goes first as Tomas follows him. While the two successfully go down a slope, riding up one proves to be too difficult of a task for Jakub and he crashes. Tomas, on the other hand, nearly hits the fallen rider on his way down but saves both himself and Jakub at the last moment. He said: "Huge crash during my riding session while filming a vlog! Luckily, no one got hurt. We had a lot of fun after this one." Name: Tomas Zejda Location: Plzen, Czech Republic'

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