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'Belarusian String Artist Effortlessly Draws Disney Logo, Tiger Face, Moonwalker & Much More '


'At this point, there's no denying that Belarusian string artist, David Varabyou can create literally any shape, logo, or artwork using just a string, a panel, nails, and a ballpoint pen. This spectacular compilation shows David drawing a variety of string artworks ranging from mere shapes and patterns such as a spiral or a magic line to complex images including "The Moonwalker," "Lifeline," and a mountain range. While it appears that the part that involves wrapping the string around nails, requires the most effort, it can't be denied that strategically placing the nails on the board to form the desired image is an equally challenging task, a task David performs to perfection every single time. The thread maestro said: "I wanted to create a nice, satisfying collection of me drawing some of my best artworks to date. So, this is how it turned out in the end. Enjoy!" Name: David Varabyou Location: Belarus, Minsk'

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