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Adorable Cat Unleashes His Clingy Side Following Reunion With Human Dad After Two Months


This touching video easily disproves the claims that cats do not have any emotions for their owner(s). Watch Bobo, a lovable chubster reuniting with his human dad, Ethan Lin, after a couple of months. This mini-compilation shows Bobo completely refusing to leave Ethan's side. He is seen cuddling with Ethan, sleeping with him, and even keeping a close watch on him as he tries to get some work done. No way will the kitty be ready to say goodbye to him anytime soon! "Bobo’s humans are in a long-distance relationship and he hadn’t seen daddy in over two months, since he moved back to Taiwan," the filmer, Jiaqi Liu said. "He was super excited to see him." Name: Jiaqi Liu Location: San Francisco

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