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Guy Surprises Girlfriend With An Adorable Puppy And She Can't Believe It's For Her


If you're looking for a reason to be happy today, then this video is the one for you. This wholesome footage kicks off with Gio Ash introducing his viewers to the puppy he had bought for his girlfriend, Ashleigh. He then goes on to surprise her with it and well, calling her reaction adorable would be an understatement. She finds the pup cute and holds it in her arms but straight-up refuses to believe that it was for her. Gio keeps assuring Ashley that it's her puppy but the latter stays convinced that she's being pranked. "I bought a puppy for my girlfriend, but she wasn't ready to believe it was for her," the filmer said. "Anyhow, she had wanted one for a long time, so I'm glad I was able to surprise her with it!" This endearing footage was taken on July 15, 2022. Name: Gio Ash Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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