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'220 Lbs Man Slips And Crashes On Icy Stairs '

Fails Funny Nature

'This is the painful moment a man realizes how important it is to gauge a path before walking on it. Recorded in Colorado Springs, CO on February 15, 2021, this clip features Brad Roberts as he attempts to leave his house to take the trash out. However, little did he know that the stairs linked to the porch of his house were covered with ice. Upon stepping on this slippery surface, Brad ends up slipping, resulting in a painful crash. "(After the crash) I was trying to catch my breath & my wife walked out. I’m 6’3 and 220 pounds. So, a lot of weight hit the steps lol. Nothing was broken but my ego. I still love Colorado!" Brad wrote. Name: Brad Roberts Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA'

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